Best places to sell your designs

For those working as professional designer, web-developer, photographer or just doing some design art work, you no longer have to invest huge amounts of time and money in building your own online store.

If you are an art director, illustrator or 3D artist and is willing to sell your design assets directly to the public, below are a list of sites that offer a tried and tested way to make the most of your design work and to earn that extra income without investing huge amounts of time and money.

1. Creative Market

X-Vision Graphics - Creative Market

Be it graphics, fonts, photos or even 3D assets, Creative Market not only provides it online but will also put it in front of five million members!

All you have to do is to set your own price and take home 70 percent of each sale. No doubt Creative Market is a favourite among designers and provides a brilliant place to sell your designs online.

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2. Designhill

X-Vision Graphics - DesignHill

If you are looking for a platform where the designers and business owners come together and create useful design work, Designhill it is!

Besides this, it also offers a place where the designers can sell their quality designs such as logos, brochures, business cards, and many others.

For those looking for freelance graphic design jobs, this provides an opportunity for them as well as hundreds of business owners or clients launch their design contest on this platform wherein besides selling your own works, you may also participate in these contests and get the prize money.

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3. Fiverr

X-Vision Graphics - Fiverr

Fiverr as the name suggests facilitate the buying and selling of online micro-jobs by freelance contractors with services starting at $5 that might be extended to thousands of dollars.

Listed as the 100 most popular U.S. websites in 2013, it has improved further as now it is possible to work through its mobile app as well.

If you are using Fiverr you will enjoy multiple benefits like the quality sellers are directly engaged with buyers, easy evaluation of samples by the buyers by posting samples thus providing the idea about the type of work offered and many more. This so provides a smart way to connect on a creative level and raise satisfaction rates.

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4. Zazzle

X-Vision Graphics - Zazzle

With more than 300 million product offering, Zazzle provides a platform where you can sell your designs on hundreds of products. Independent designers display their art and command over the pricing of each piece.

By using its tools you can sell your art on T-shirts, stamps, posters, mugs, business cards, skateboards, calendars, tote bags, hats, and many more items by just creating an online store on Zazzle free of cost.

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5. Graphic River

X-Vision Graphics - Envanto Market

From providing a platform to upload your vectors, textures, infographics, add-ons, logo design, icons, design templates that you wish to sell, to helping you provide live demo of your design works to the potential customers, to letting you share screenshots and description of your work so as to get opinions of the community, Graphic River provides it all.

You can not only sell your products online but can also generate some awareness about your design expertise.

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6. Artist Shops

X-Vision Graphics - Artist Shops

Threadless provides artists with a customisable storefront by Artist Shops together with the benefits of hosting and checkout experience through Threadless. It provides benefits such as choosing products to sell your art on without any minimum order size.

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7. MyFonts

X-Vision Graphics - Myfonts

If you are looking for a platform to sell exciting fonts that you created and own, MyFonts is an ideal choice as it gives you a massive audience of potential customers who are looking for some unique fonts. The buyers can also search from an extensive collection of fonts by using keywords.

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8. Your own website

X-Vision Graphics - Shopify

If you have established a solid customer base it might be worth building your own bespoke web shop and stop paying listing fees or commission anymore. Ecommerce plugins make this even more accessible.

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9. ArtFire

X-Vision Graphics - Art Fire

ArtFire is yet another great side that allows you to sell almost all types of designs including jewelry, handmade crafts and t-shirt designs. It also provides you with the required tools in order to build your own storefront to sell your works. You just need to pay a commission to the site when you conclude a sale based on the inventory space and the tools you use.

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10. PixApp

X-Vision Graphics - PixApp

Those who want to sell pictures and designs to a broader global base of potential customers, PixApp is the most useful site. Not only this it will allow you to earn a huge profit as the site gives away 90 percent of commissions to the designers who are selling their work.

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11. Big Cartel

X-Vision Graphics - BigCartel

Unlike a lot of other websites, Big Cartel allows you to build your own store and customize it to give it a unique feel as well as it adapting to your existing website thus making it a popular platform to sell design work online.

It gives you total freedom and control over the ways you choose to sell and promote your work along with providing all the professional tools you need to conduct market research such as tracking and social networking.

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